Today a larger multitude of invisible heroes as “soldiers” in the caregiving role are entrenched in the isolation and trauma of caring for a frail or ill family member.

You deserve understanding, support and empowerment throughout your journey.
 Join me as I advocate for, support and encourage you to

Learn how to THRIVE in your caregiver role.



         The open, inviting, playful arrangement of this book gives you, the family caregiver, a refreshing approach to practical suggestions and ideas, simple ways to reduce your stress and increase your abilities to focus on your own wellbeing.

        Includes 2 FREE audio CD’s for finding moments of relaxation and ease for yourself.


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Well Spouse® Association, says the book (Who Cares?) takes a unique approach to helping the caregiver meet challenges, learn survival skills, and feel more in control of your own life…more


Compassion fatigue is as debilitating to you, the caregiver, as the direct responsibilities for medical, financial and daily care of your loved one.

Each chapter focuses on “mini-tips” to encourage you to begin to take care of yourself, access the services available in your community and ways to ask for the help you need from family and friends.

Skills and strategies will help you navigate your day, tales of other caregivers and my own caregiving experiences will help acknowledge your caregiving journey.


 Click Here to Get a  FREE Copy of Chapter 2 in the book 

                                                      Who Cares?   I Do!                                            



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                                                    Who Cares?

                                                     Includes 2 FREE audio CD’s

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